10-16-2020 Bridger Valley Pioneer Legals

Candidate Name Publishing
I, Mary Ann Lym, Treasure of the Fort Bridger Cemetery District, do hereby certify the election to fill 3 board positions will be held in conjunction with the General Election, November 3, 2020. Voting for the board positions will be at the Senior Citizen Center in Mountain View WY from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. The following residents have completed the Candidate Filing Forms and their names will be printed on the Special District ballot:
Charles E Fagnant
William W Johnson
Freda M Wal
PUBLISHED: Oct. 16, 2020 20173

Notice is hereby given that the TOWN OF LYMAN has accepted as completed according to the plans, specifications, and rules governing the same work performed under that certain Contract between the Town of Lyman and SCI, Inc. the Contractor, on the MANHOLE SEALING PROJECT 2020. The Contractor is entitled to final settlement for work under this Contract and the Town of Lyman will make final payment to the Contractor herein mentioned for the full amount due on the forty-first day after first publication of this notice (October 9). Any claims should be submitted to the Town of Lyman. Claims not filed with the Town, prior to the forty-first day after the first date of this publication, the same shall be waived.
Town of Lyman
Lyman, WY
PUBLISHED: Oct. 9, 16, 2020 20166

September 15, 2020 7:00 P.M.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Scott Dellinger.
The September 15, 2020 Mountain View Town Council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Mayor Scott Dellinger. Those present were Council President, Gina Tims, council members Bryan Ayres, Tori Carter, and Jacob Porter, Clerk Treasurer, Penny Robbins, Deputy Clerk, Amanda Fraughton and Katie Johnson, Public Works, Rick Guild and Billy (Bud) Lawson, Chief Trevor Rasmussen, Officer Alan Kiefer and Officer Jessica Knezovich.
Motion by Jacob Porter second by Bryan Ayres to approve the agenda; motion carried.
Motion by Tori Carter, second by Gina Tims to approve the September 1, 2020 minutes; motion carried.
Motion by Bryan Ayres, second by Tori Carter to approve AMENDED RESOLUTION 2020-6 PONDEROSA PLACE ADDITION; motion carried.
Motion by Gina Tims, second by Jacob Porter to approve BUDGET AMMENDMENT TO PAY OFF SEWER LOAN CW120 IN THE AMOUNT OF $58,870.86; motion carried.
Motion by Tori Carter, second by Gina Tims to pay the following bills; Ace Recycling & Disposal, Trash Service, $367.03, All Occasions Engraving, Award, $70.00, Benedicts Ace Hardware, Capital Outlay & Repairs & Maintenance, $5948.72, Benedict Trading Company, Supplies & Ammunition, $799.95, Blue360 Media, Wyoming Traffic Law, $78.75, Brenntag Pacific Inc., Chemicals, $1359.50, Bridger Valley Electric Assoc, Electric Service, $5182.19, Bridger Valley Joint Powers, Water Bill, $28974.93, Bridger Valley Pioneer, Publications, $332.80, Bridgerland Carquest, Maintenance & Repairs, $414.29, Caselle, Annual Support, $10420.00, Cazin’s, Maintenance & Repairs, $118.30, Crum Electric Supply Co., Supplies, $302.72, First Bankcard, Travel/Workshops & Email, $1074.69, Amanda Fraughton, Travel, $551.43, Freeway Tire, Vehicle Maintenance, $47.95, Long Reimer Winegar Bepplar, Attorney Fees, $500.00, Sally Roberts, Utility Refund, $8.99, Mountainland Supply Co., Maintenance & Repairs, $5479.61, One-Call of Wyoming, Tickets, $22.50, Ready Rocks Inc., Street Maintenance, $954.44, Rees Auto Service, Vehicle Repair & Maintenance, $3809.92, Ricoh USA Inc., Lease, $ 258.48, Safety Supply & Sign Co., Signs, $86.84, Town of Mountain View, Water, $389.17, Uinta County Clerk, Dispatch Fees, $3960.85, USA Bluebook, Supplies, $495.76, WEX Bank, Fuel, $816.03, WY State Lands & Investments, Loan CWSRF-116 & CWSRF-120, $218545.32; Motion Carried.
Other Business:
High School Students in attendance were, Angelica Mosher, Caitlin Stevens, Aspen Fraughton, Mark Walker and Trevor Condos.
Mayor Scott Dellinger adjourned the meeting at 7:15 p.m.
Scott Dellinger Mayor
Penny Robbins, Town Clerk
PUBLISHED: Oct. 16, 2020 20169