2-19-21 Bridger Valley Pioneer legal notices


The Town of Mountain View will hold a Public Hearing on March 2, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at Mountain View Town Hall, 405 Highway 414, to receive public input on Ordinance 2021-1, An Ordinance Amending Certain Provisions of Chapter Four of the Mountain View Town Code and Incorporating and Recodifying Past Amendments to the Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance.

PUBLISHED: Feb. 19, 2021      21027



Notice is hereby given that Roger and Susan Rae have applied for a Land Use District Change (Zone Change) and Subdivision Permit for a tract of land in Section 9, T15N, R115W.  The application would allow a change from the Agricultural/Resource/Development (ARD) Land Use District to the Residential (R) Land Use District for the development of a two lot Residential subdivision entitled the Rae Subdivision.

A public hearing on this matter will be held before the Uinta County Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at approximately 7:00 p.m. in the Mountain View Town Hall, Mountain View, Wyoming. P

PUBLISHED: Feb. 12, 19, 2021            21025


Notice of Final Payment to Contractor

Notice is hereby given that Uinta County School District #6 has accepted as complete the replacement of the small bleachers at Lyman Intermediate School and Lyman High School, in accordance with a contract between Uinta County School District #6 and Hufcor, Inc., 28621 Network Place, Chicago, IL  60673-1286 and that Hufcor, Inc. is entitled to final payment. Therefore, on March 25, 2021, being the forty-first day after the first publication of this notice, full and final payment will be made to Hufcor, Inc., unless protests to this final payment have been received prior to or on that date.  Protests to this final payment may be made in writing to Uinta County School District No. 6, P.O. Box 1090, Lyman, WY  82937 and received prior to hearing.  Dated this 12th day of February, 2021.

Uinta County School District #6

Lyman, Wyoming  82937

PUBLISHED: Feb. 12, 19, 26, 2021      21021



Pursuant to Chapter 3, Section 21-3-110(a)(ii) of Wyoming Education Code, following are warrants over $500.00 issued by Uinta County School District No. Four, Mountain View, Wyoming, for the month of February 2021:

58451 ACE RECYCLING & DISPOSAL, $1,399.64; 58453 BATTERY SYSTEMS OF ROCK SPRINGS, $1,348.18; 58455 BENEDICT TRADING CO, $582.30; 58459 BRIDGER VALLEY ELECTRIC ASSOC, $14,473.06; 58461 CASPER C’MON INN, $1,079.88; 58462 COAST TO COAST COMPUTER PRODUCTS, INC, $1,879.84; 58464 COMFORT INN - WORLAND, $1,760.00; 58467 DEMCO, $1,171.38; 58468 DERU’S GLASS, $1,185.00; 58469 DISABILITY:IN UINTA COUNTY, $2,055.00; 58470 DOMINION ENERGY, $17,893.30; 58473 FIRST BANKCARD, $3,707.18; 58474 FORT BRIDGER CASH STORE, $5,569.75; 58475 GECRB/AMAZON, $3,551.76; 58477 KILMER’S BG DISTRIBUTING, $864.00; 58483 MOUNTAIN MUSIC, $1,164.08; 58492 PETTY CASH/ACTIVITY DIRECTOR, $3,755.78; 58493 PINE COVE CONSULTING, $7,250.00; 58495 PREMIER TRUCK GROUP, $1,994.06; 58498 RUDY, BONNIE L., $8,850.00; 58504 TOWN OF MOUNTAIN VIEW, $5,248.17; 58505 UINTA COUNTY SD #4 & #6 BOCES, $2,652.00; 58506 UNION TELEPHONE COMPANY, $1,579.55; 58509 VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS, $779.00; 58512 WESTERN WYO COMMUNITY COLLEGE, $631.05; 2216 BRIDGER VALLEY ELECTRIC ASSOC, $940.53; 2217 DOMINION ENERGY, $597.71; 2218 TOWN OF MOUNTAIN VIEW, $861.57; 2535 CDI COMPUTER DEALERS INC, $500.55; 2528 ELLINGFORD BROS INC, $856.16; 2529 FIRST BANKCARD, $2,311.00; 2531 SCHOLASTIC INC, $545.80; 2532 UINTA COUNTY SCHL DIST #4/PAYROLL, $1,144.22; 2533 UINTA COUNTY SCHOOL DIST. #4, $77,740.67; 2542 BENEDICT TRADING CO, $5,456.17; 2543 DEAN FOODS COMPANY, $2,970.15; 2544 FB MCFADDEN WHOLESALE COMPANY, $2,155.40; 2547 NICHOLAS & COMPANY, $14,687.04; 2548 UINTA COUNTY SCHL DIST #4/PAYROLL, $18,948.01; 7423 WESTERN WY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, $1,340.00; 1595 UINTA COUNTY SCHL DIST #4/PAYROLL, $2,159.53; 6417 BOKAY, THE, $920.00; 6419 GOLD MEDAL SQUARED, INC, $1,000.00.

I, Charlotte Black, Treasurer, Uinta County School District #4, Mountain View, Wyoming, do hereby certify the foregoing to be correct.

/s/ Charlotte Black

Uinta County School District #4

Mountain View, Wyoming

PUBLISHED: Feb. 19, 2021      21024



The Owner will accept sealed proposals, subject to the conditions contained in the General Provisions, Special Provisions and Specifications until March 3 at noon., at Uinta County School District No.4 Central Office, 129 West Second Street, Mountain View, Wyoming 82939 and then publicly opened and read aloud. Proposals shall include furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary for performing the work. Proposals will be received for the work as set forth in the bid package.

This project shall consist of crack sealing and slurry seal of the parking lots for the Uinta County School District Number 4 High School and K-8 Schools.  Work shall consist of preparation of the parking lots, removal of existing crack sealing, placement of new crack sealing material, placing slurry seal on finish parking lot, and striping the finish parking lots.

Copies of the plans, specifications and contract documents may be obtained by contacting the office of Uinta Engineering and Surveying, Inc.

808 Main Street

Evanston, Wyoming, 82930

Phone:(307) 789-3602

Fax: 789-6456

These documents will be available electronically for download at no cost, by contacting the Engineer for instructions. A pre-bid meeting will be held on February 26, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. at Mountain View High School, in Mountain View Wyoming.

Wyoming State Statutes apply to the bidding and construction of this Public Works Project including but not limited to the following sections:

W.S. 15-1-113;            5% Bid Bond Required

W.S. 16-6-102;            5% Resident Contractor Preference

W.S. 16-6-104;            5% Wyoming Materials and Suppliers Preference

W.S. 16-6-112;            Performance Guarantee

W.S. 16-6-201 – 16-6-206;      Resident Labor Preference

W.S. 27-3-502(f)         Registration with Taxing Authority

The Owner reserves the right to reject all bids and waive any informality in same if the Governing Body determines that it is in the best interest of the Owner to do so. No bidder will be allowed to withdraw their bid for a period of thirty (30) days or until the successful bidder has entered into a contract with the Owner.

The completion date for the project shall be August 15, 2020.

PUBLISHED: Feb. 12, 19, 2021            21023