5.7-magnitude earthquake strikes near Salt Lake City

Knocking out Utah's coronavirus hotline and power to 55,000

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — In a story on Fox 13 by Emily Shapiro reported Wednesday morning March 18, the earthquake rattled Utah with a 5.7-magnitude tremor near Salt Lake City.

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, early Wednesday, knocking out the state's coronavirus hotline, according to Utah’s governor.

Buildings shook along the Wasatch Front as the result of a 5.7 magnitude earthquake, centered four kilometers north-northeast of Magna.

This was the state's largest earthquake since 1992, according to Utah Emergency Management.

Area residents in Bridger Valley reported they felt the quake and one said her water bottle jiggled and the water was bouncing around. In addition, area residents said they tried to find information on the SLC news channels, and the channels were off the air at the time they tried to access them for news of the quake.

Other reports from Bridger Valley follow.

Angie Bullinger Lupher: “I felt it in bed. I thought my dog was scratching his fleas and shaking the bed, but when I looked, both dogs were outside. My necklaces hanging on hooks were swinging and the chains on our ceiling fan we're swaying but that was about it.”

Marybeth N Bryan Hamblin: “I felt it here in Lyman, But at first I thought my kids were trying to wake me up by shaking my bed and rattling my dresser. I was half awake... then when I fully woke up I realized all my kids were in the other room being good and eating breakfast. They didn’t feel anything.

Launa Rasmussen: I live in my 5th Wheel in Urie ,and I thought strong winds was rocking my trailer. I thought I was a little crazy thinking it was an earthquake

Spur KRSV, KDWY & KMER reported “We had listeners this morning as far north as Alpine and Pinedale that reported feeling it.”

According to officials in Utah, there are no official reports of injuries, but the Salt Lake City Airport has been knocked out of operation, officials said.

Dr. Scott Williams, a Salt Lake City physician, told ABC News, just after 7 a.m. local time, "my house just started shaking fairly violently. And my first thought was, 'has a truck gone off the road and is coming into my house?'"

"It lasted about 15, 20 seconds, shaking pretty hard," he said. "Then I felt swaying for about another 15 seconds."

ESPN reporter Holly Rowe tweeted that she was "shaken out of sound sleep" by the quake.

Power was knocked out to 55,000 customers, including at the ABC Salt Lake affiliate KTVX studio, where anchor Brian Carlson said he felt over 20 aftershocks.


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