6-4-2021 Bridger Valley Pioneer Legals

The Consumer Confidence Report for 2020 for the Town of Mountain View is now available for review. Copies are available at the Mountain View Town Hall, 405 N. Highway 414. You can view this report at the Town’s website: www.mtvwy.com
This report will not be mailed to residents. For questions contact Rick Guild, Public Works at 307-782-3100.
PUBLISHED: June 4, 2021 21100

The Town of Mountain View will hold a Public Hearing on June 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at Mountain View Town Hall, 405 Highway 414, to receive public input on Ordinance 2021-5, An Ordinance and Agreement Granting a Non-Exclusive Franchise to Union Telephone Company Within the Rights of Way of The Town of Mountain View, Wyoming.
PUBLISHED: June 4, 2021 21103

Uinta County School District 4 will be accepting sealed bids for pasture rental of approximately seven (7) acres located at 436 W. Main Street in Fort Bridger, Wyoming (Old Fort Bridger Elementary School). Occupancy can begin on June 15, 2021, and will end no later than October 1, 2021. Any questions can be directed to the District Office at 307-782-3377. Bids must be sealed and clearly marked “Pasture Rental” and submitted to the Uinta County School District 4 District Office, 129 W. 2nd Street, PO Box 130, Mountain View, WY 82939, no later than 10:00 AM on June 7, 2021. The Board of Trustees of School District 4, Uinta County, Wyoming, reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive minor technicalities as may be deemed as the best interest of the Board.
Order of: Jeffrey M. Newton, Superintendent, Uinta County School District No. Four
PUBLISHED: May 28, June 4, 2021 21096

The Bridger Valley Joint Powers Board proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022 is as follows:
General Fund ............................................$1,078,530
Total Revenues $1,078,530
Capital Outlay .50,000
Administration 138,322
Interest and Fees On Deb .66,296
Operations and Maintenance 702,862
Indirect Costs 121,050
Total Expenses 1,078,530
The hearing for public input on the budget for fiscal year 2022 is scheduled for Wednesday, June 09th, 7:00 p.m. at the water treatment plant conference room, 5716 Highway 410, Mountain View, WY. Regular board meeting will follow. For more information, please call (307) 782-3130.
This budget summary is subject to change and clarification at the budget hearing.
PUBLISHED: May 28, June 4, 2021 21095

Notice is hereby given that Beck Land and Livestock has applied for a Land Use District Change (Zone Change) and Subdivision Permit for a parcel of land in Sections 32 and 33, T 13N R113 W. The application would allow a change from the Agricultural/ Resource/Development (ARD) Land Use District to the Residential (R) Land Use District for the development of a four lot Residential subdivision entitled the Beck Lonetree Subdivision.
A public hearing on this matter will be held before the Board of Uinta County Commissioners on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, at approximately 2:00 p.m. in the Commission Chambers of the Uinta County Complex, Evanston, Wyoming.
PUBLISHED: June 4, 11,2021 21102

Pursuant to Chapter 3, Section 21-3-110(A) of Wyoming Education Code, following are warrants over $500.00 approved by Uinta County School District #6, Lyman, Wyoming, May 2021 5826,TALX UC eXPRESS,524.88; 5755,”APPLE COMPUTER, INC.”,552; 5851,WYOMING WASTE SERVICE,570.27; 5824,SUBLETTE COUNTY SCHOOL DIST #1,607.71; 5124,SCHOOL DIST #6 HOUSING,640; 5853,XEROX FINANCIAL SERVICES,653.82; 799,THE JUMPIN COMPANY,675; 5760,BENEDICT TRADING COMPANY,698.3; 789,BOKAY,700; 5770,CNA SURETY,700; 5765,BRIDGER VALLEY PIONEER,714.6; 795,OVERTHRUST GUN CLUB,718.75; 726,FIRST BANKCARD,764.25; 791,FIRST BANKCARD,820.9; 793,JOSTENS,825.05; 5798,”LAFOND, BONNIE K.”,900; 5808,OPI-MONTANA DRIVE,1005; 5761,BENEDICT’S ACE HARDWARE,1017.75; 5754,”AMAZON.COM, INC.”,1074.33; 5769,CASPER C’MON INN,1152; 5763,BRADSHAW’S,1230; 5762,BLICK ART MATERIALS,1239.56; 5843,WEX BANK -,1509.35; 5129,THE HARTFORD,1524.74; 5830,TOWN OF LYMAN,1532.1; 5135,WYOMING EDUCATIONAL ASSOC.,1660.5; 5820,SCHOOL DIST#6 SCHOOL LUNCH,1757.99; 787,ATHLETIC AND ACTIVITIES SCHOOL DISTRICT,1825; 5133,WY. EDUCATORS’ BENEFIT TRUST,1866.46; 5839,WASA,1931.67; 5121,”NATIONAL BENEFIT SERVICES, LLC”,2100.02; 5806,NORCO,2192.92; 5835,UNION TELEPHONE COMPANY,2712.94; 5130,”TSA CONSULTING GROUP, INC”,2975; 2181,”BECK, SHARITY”,3000; 5831,TRANE,3127.68; 391,MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES SLC,3187.87; 5836,UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC,3200; 389,BENEDICT TRADING COMPANY,3249.39; 5848,WYO. SPECIALIZED PHSICAL THERA,3400; 5819,SCHMIDT SIGNS & COLLISON REPAIR,4093; 5807,NORTHWEST COLLEGE,4350; 5834,UINTA BANK,4482.16; 5775,”DeCORIA & COMPANY, PC”,4500; 5768,C.E.M. SALES & SERVICE,4544.87; 5850,WYOMING SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOC.,5575.5; 5783,GAS-N-GO #15 LYMAN,7004.02; 5794,HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT,7716.3; 5793,HILLTOP NATIONAL BANK,8277.99; 2178,”HILL, KALLI”,8425.26; 5832,TRANSFINDER,8490; 5803,”MENLO, INC.”,8702.84; 5119,GREAT-WEST TRUST COMPANY,10058; 378,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,10450.08; 5777,DOMINION ENERGY,12129.38; 392,NICHOLAS & COMPANY,15868.94; 5781,FIRST BANKCARD,15974.8; 393,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,18399.16; 5125,SCHOOL DIST#6-MEDICARE,18831.44; 5841,WESTERN WYOMING COLLEGE,19602; 728,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,19967.34; 5764,BRIDGER VALLEY ELECTRIC,20802.14; 5128,SCHOOL DIST#6 PAYROLL TAXES,47188.89; 5126,SCHOOL DIST#6-SS,80520.02; 5127,SCHOOL DIST#6 EMPLOYEE GROUP,134156.64; I, JASON LAMBERTI, TREASURER, UINTA COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT #6, LYMAN, WYOMING, DO HEREBY CERTIFY THE HEREBY TO BE CORRECT. /S/ JASON LAMBERTI, UCSD #6.
PUBLISHED: June 4, 2021 21101