7-31-2020 Bridger Valley Pioneer Legals


The Town of Lyman Planning and Zoning will hold a public hearing regarding a variance request from Casey Bright.  Mr. Bright would like to build a garage/shop at 1704 Powers Ave prior to the house being built.  The hearing is scheduled for August 4, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. in the conference room at the Lyman Town Hall.

PUBLISHED: July 31, 2020 20135

Advertisement for bids

Fort Bridger Cemetery District is accepting bids for installing automated sprinkler system, spreading top soil, laying sod, in the Dahlquist Addition of the Cemetery, located at 2655 County Road 219 Fort Bridger, WY.  The area is approximately 230’ x 270’.  Mandatory job walk through August 4th at 10:00 a.m.  All interested contractors must attend walk through to bid on job.  Sealed bids will be opened at 6:30 p.m. August 11, 2020 at 2655 County Road 219 Fort Bridger, WY.  Please call the cemetery office for a bid packet 307-782-3174.  Bids can be mailed to FBCD PO Box 276, Fort Bridger, WY 82933.

PUBLISHED: July 24, 31, 2020 20131

Notice of Final Payment to Contractor

Notice is hereby given that Uinta County School District #6 has accepted as complete the parking lot repairs, crack seal, seal coat & striping at Uinta County School District #6, in accordance with a contract between Uinta County School District #6 and R & D Sweeping & Asphalt Maintenance LC, 1931 Yellowstone Road, Rock Springs, WY  82901 and that R& D Sweeping & Asphalt  is entitled to final payment. Therefore, on August 27, 2020, being the forty-first day after the first publication of this notice, full and final payment will be made to R & D Sweeping & Asphalt, unless protests to this final payment have been received prior to or on that date.  Protests to this final payment may be made in writing to Uinta County School District No. 6, 126 North Franklin Street, P.O. Box 1090, Lyman, WY  82937 and received prior to hearing.  Dated this 17th day of July, 2020.

Uinta County School District #6

Lyman, Wyoming  82937

PUBLISHED: July 17, 24, 31, 2020 20129



Pursuant to Chapter 3, Section 21-3-110(A) of Wyoming Education Code, following are warrants over $500.00 approved by Uinta County School District #6, Lyman, Wyoming, June 2020   ; 1764,”MADSEN, CANDI”,960; 97,”MIDGLEY-HUBER, INC.”,3032; 94,CODALE ELECTRIC,5975.79; 100,R & D SWEEPING & ASPHALT MAINT,6526.3; 103,WELL SITE SERVICES INC.,7200; 99,PERFORMANCE AUDIO,12235; 92,ADVANCED EXERCISE,16009.96; 98,PERFORMANCE AUDIO,24507.67; 101,R & D SWEEPING & ASPHALT MAINT,58736.7; 611,”95 PERCENT GROUP, INC.”,4059; 614,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,30496.06; 4487,”TSA CONSULTING GROUP, INC”,600; 4891,FIRST BANK OF MT. VIEW,604.79; 4870,”BSN SPORTS, LLC”,630.2; 4888,FASTENAL,641.63; 4906,MOUNTAINLAND SUPPLY COMPANY,692.8; 4928,WEX BANK,695.93; 4881,”CRANE, RIEN”,740; 4918,SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY,756.54; 4878,COMPANION CORP.,800; 4909,PAYSCOUT,911.25; 4932,XEROX CORPORATION,913.19; 4865,BENEDICT’S ACE HARDWARE,959.98; 4438,THE HARTFORD,1050.9; 4479,”NATIONAL BENEFIT SERVICES, LLC”,1066.67; 4871,BUSH WELLS SPORTING GOODS,1087.76; 4446,WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM #2,1098.62; 4912,QUILL CORPORATION ACCOUNT 330938,1188.95; 4433,SCHOOL DIST #6 HOUSING,1230; 4430,”NATIONAL BENEFIT SERVICES, LLC”,1362.5; 4443,WYO DEPT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES,1377.75; 4903,MACKIN LIBRARY  MEDIA,1386.91; 4919,STAPLES,1541.41; 4444,WYOMING EDUCATIONAL ASSOC.,1572.58; 4442,WY. EDUCATORS’ BENEFIT TRUST,1586.55; 4930,WYO. SPECIALIZED PHSICAL THERA,1600; 4860,”APPLE COMPUTER, INC.”,1652; 4478,GREAT-WEST TRUST COMPANY,1750; 4893,GAS-N-GO #15 LYMAN,1991.52; 4872,CHANSHARE FARMS,2160; 4933,ZIP REHAB LLC,2170; 4923,UINTA BANK,2713.55; 4859,”AMAZON.COM, INC.”,3079.08; 4861,APPLE INC. c/o APPLE FINANCIAL SERVICES,3419.74; 4439,”TSA CONSULTING GROUP, INC”,3500; 4884,DOMINION ENERGY,3833.89; 4925,UNION TELEPHONE COMPANY,4151.54; 4887,FASTBRIDGE LEARNING,4355; 4873,CIT,4839; 4482,SCHOOL DIST#6-MEDICARE,4984.48; 4428,GREAT-WEST TRUST COMPANY,5322; 4889,FIREFLY COMPUTERS,6380; 4892,FIRST BANKCARD,7135.29; 4897,HILLTOP NATIONAL BANK,7456.54; 4921,TOWN OF LYMAN,8608.85; 4904,”MENLO, INC.”,8702.84; 4913,REAL KLEEN JANITORIAL & REPAIR,8825; 4485,SCHOOL DIST#6 PAYROLL TAXES,11283.78; 4434,SCHOOL DIST#6-MEDICARE,11434.12; 4867,BRIDGER VALLEY ELECTRIC,15077.01; 4483,SCHOOL DIST#6-SS,21312.56; 4445,WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM,24458.18; 4492,WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM,28736.92; 4437,SCHOOL DIST#6 PAYROLL TAXES,32503.09; 4484,SCHOOL DIST#6 EMPLOYEE GROUP,35750.37; 4435,SCHOOL DIST#6-SS,48890.92; 4436,SCHOOL DIST#6 EMPLOYEE GROUP,95153.44; 300,”AMAZON.COM, INC.”,894.52; 307,C.E.M. SALES & SERVICE,1016.6; 304,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,13235.46; 322,MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES SLC,3538.25; 323,NICHOLAS & COMPANY,17058.17; 325,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,19270.46; 656,ATHLETIC AND ACTIVITIES SCHOOL DISTRICT,780; 660,SCHOOL DIST#6 GENERAL FUND,968.84; 657,FIRST BANKCARD,1948.49; I, JASON LAMBERTI, TREASURER, UINTA COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT #6, LYMAN, WYOMING, DO HEREBY CERTIFY THE HEREBY TO BE CORRECT. /S/ JASON LAMBERTI, UCSD #6.

PUBLISHED: July 31, 2020 20134