9/11 ceremony Tuesday night ended with “God Bless America”

“…land that I love.”

LYMAN — The evening of 9/11 2018 proved to be a pleasant nice evening with warm temperatures and a gentle breeze as those who attended the ceremony honoring the heroes and the fallen of the fateful day 17 years ago, completely lacking the sense of horror that engulfed the nation following the attacks.

Although not officially going down as a “day that will live in infamy” by the President of the United States, the day will be forever embedded in America’s history and will remain one of the major tragedies of the nation.

But, the tragedy created good and brought the nation together. And, was apparent at the ceremony Tuesday at the Lyman Rodeo arena, emotions still run high as the voices of speakers cracked, then they regained composure to be able to continue.

Also apparent was how the patriotism of the Valley stood out. The military and service professions were asked to stand. Then people who served in the service industries such as a police officer firefighter, EMT were asked to stand. Then those who had family, who had served were asked to stand, resulting in most of the audience on their feet.

The ceremony was hosted by the Bridger Valley Coalition of Churches.


The 9/11 ceremony began Tuesday night with the presentation of the colors. These two were joined by the flags of the military branches and a POW/MIA flag. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

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