Arson suspected on I-80 fires

KUTV— A spree of fires officials believe were intentionally started are now being linked to fires in another state.

State fire investigator Jason Curry said along with the six fires that started here in Utah along Interstate 80 Monday, others started in Wyoming may be linked.

The fires broke out starting at about noon in Tooele County. Most were extinguished relatively quickly. Firefighters were still working on Tuesday night to contain a large fire, the Tervels Fire, in Summit County. It was 25 percent contained and had burned nearly 600 acres at last check.

Multiple fires that broke out along Interstate 80 on Monday, Sept. 3, are being investigated as arson, and the investigation now extends into Wyoming.

Editor’s Note: The Uinta County Fire and Ambulance posted the following>

“We also have reason to believe that a fire at mile marker 38, near the Carter/Mountain View Exit, on Monday is part of this string of arson fires. If anyone has any information or saw anything suspicious on Monday afternoon, please call.”

Back to KUTV: Curry said at this point, police and investigators don’t know who they are looking for. They do believe someone was throwing something flammable out of a moving car, although they are not saying what that is.

But they have found evidence at every scene that is similar, Curry confirmed.

“We are not releasing any of the specifics about what was found. There was evidence that was recovered, and we do have a lot of different resources that we are still exploring as far as maybe cameras, surveillance, processing the evidence for fingerprints or DNA, things like that — so there are a lot of avenues we have yet to explore as far as the case goes,” Curry said.

The person responsible could face felony charges and be held financially responsible for the cost of fighting these fires.

Investigators are asking anyone with information or who saw anything along I-80 that may have been suspicious to contact local authorities.

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