Bid goodbye to 2021, and welcome 2122

As the clock chimes, may it usher in a new and prosperous year for all!

BRIDGER VALLEY — May the New Year turn things around, and people can get their lives back on an even keel.

It looked like the virus was going to be controlled, but then another variant crept in and now has created problems across the country and world. The main difference with this new one, Mr. Omicron itself, is, it is not supposed to be as hard on its recipients. However, it is considered more contagious. And the latest word, symptoms sound an awful lot like a cold or the flu. Of course, the previous vaccine is not supposed to have any effect on the virus, and there is no test to confirm if you have this new variant.

But life goes on, and people in the Valley have it better than major metropolitans as they have more space and the chance to get out into the fresh air.

Think the pandemic and the virus have been the major story that has gone on-and-on again all year, but think it hasn’t created as many problems as it did last year. And, people are tired of this – masks, distancing, life on hold. At least it was starting to look like life was getting somewhat back to normal. Now, who knows how things are going to turn out.

As time passes, the Bridger Valley Pioneer strives to reflect the news of the Valley throughout the year – births and deaths of residents, life cycle changes such as high school graduations, weddings, awards residents or former residents earn throughout the year, a change in the business scene and so much more. Looking back over the past issues, it is easy to see the story of the Valley emerge from the pages. This year life seemed to regain some of the things put on hold last year.

Kids were back in school. Wonder how much they actually lost by virtual learning. According to some national reports, many kids lost a lot because of the schools operating this way. Other reports say no and offer ‘proof’ to back up this position.

Restrictions on businesses and restaurants were loosened and people could actually go in, sit down at some places to eat their meals. Some didn’t open their doors to that and cited the cleaning requirements to keep places sterilized.

Major activities for the July 4 celebration, July 24 celebration and Fort Bridger Rendezvous were back on tap this year. That helped pave the way for people to feel a little more comfortable with life in general. And as noted earlier, when school started in the fall, school was back in session, not virtual.

As for sports, Valley athletes are some of the best. Both schools have athletes, which make a mark during their seasons. This year the LHS girls varsity volleyball team captured the 3A state crown. In addition, the LHS Eagles won the 2A state championship in football. Also, the MVHS cross country track team brought home its first-ever 3A state championship.

A couple of LHS cheerleaders had the honor of performing at the Pearl Harbor Day 80th year celebration in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Also back this year was the Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas event the first part of this month. Revitalized and renamed it was called the Christmas Market as the Chamber recognized it was more than a craft fair and also served area businesses and groups.

Anyway, here’s to you and yours as the clock turns, the ball drops and 2022 begins. Hope it treats everyone well!


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