Bridger Valley Pioneer collared four awards at WPA convention

Pictured are the three first places award certificates, the Pacemaker award plaque for second place in Advertising Excellency in small weeklies which were presented at the WPA Convention in Cheyenne On Jan. 20. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

2nd best in major award/small weekly advertising excellence, two first places in photography, one first place in open page layout

LYMAN — Each year the Wyoming Press Association (WPA) holds a convention bringing all of the papers across the state to promote the industry and to present awards to paper for their work for the preceding year.

This year, the WPA convention was held in Cheyenne at Little America. Registration was on Thursday of last week, Jan 19, with the kickoff of events on Friday morning.

The Bridger Valley Pioneer is judged in the small weekly category, which includes 26 of the papers, or most of the papers in Wyoming. There is also a category for large weeklies and for dailies. The New Mexico Press judged the contest this year.

The Bridger Valley Pioneer won three first Pacemaker Awards: Spot News Photo, “Celebratin’ the Red, White and Blue; Feature Photo, Wonders of the Universe/Total Lunar Eclipse; and Open Page Design, Lyman Eagles took 2nd 2A Football championships back-to-back. These were all work by editor, Virginia Giorgis.

The Wonders of the Universe was a photo depicting the total lunar eclipse last year. The Celebrating the Red, White and Blue was of the fireworks show for July 4. The judge for the layout page said, “The page includes strong photos, but it was the job of the designer to make them sing and that’s what happened. An exciting page that takes the motions of the payers to the next point of interest.”

These are part of the awards handed out to newspapers across the state in the three different divisions, with one first place, second place and honorable mentions.

And, to top it off, there is a section in the Pacemaker awards where papers are recognized for their excellence in editorial, photography and advertising. Only a first and second place are awarded in each division based on the size of the paper in this major awards category. The Bridger Valley Pioneer took the second prize in the small weekly division. This is due to the work of Pioneer ad salesperson, Randi Singleton and designer Sue Bruynes.

The rest of the convention included workshops for participants to sharpen their skills in the field. In addition several speakers talked of the changes that had occurred in the print world of newspapers. Governor Mark Gordon had to bow out of speaking as he had COVID.

Former WPA director Jim Angell who died a few months ago was inducted into the WPA Hall of Fame Friday evening at the banquet. Angell had been a force in Wyoming newspapers and had worked many years for government transparency.

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