Bridger Valley – You’re the “real people”

Must admit, I am a “Rah-Rah American” and I have no patience with those who denigrate the U.S. Flag or this country. And, the July 4th Independence Day celebration recently, proved I am not the only one in the Bridger Valley who shares these values. God Bless America!

Anyway, back to the July 4 parade, even though it was held on July 3, the streets in Fort Bridger were lined with Valley residents. Many with flags and wearing the ‘Red, White and Blue’ to symbolize the heritage and their respect of the county. Much has been written about the Olympic athlete who turned from the flag during the tryouts. My thoughts, as many others expressed, if she can’t honor the flag, she has no right to have the privilege of representing the U.S. in the Olympics. The committee should kick her off.

But, back to you, Bridger Valley. While waiting to take pictures of the parade in front of my family’s business in Fort Bridger, the Jim Bridger Trading Post and Giorgis Appliance Center, two out-of-state couples struck up a conversation with me – one from Oregon and one from California. The couple from California, retired, were looking for somewhere to move to away from California. They said they lived in northern California, which is Blue, but they were moving as the state doesn’t reflect their values and priorities. They mentioned looking for some ground around Kemmerer.

Was interesting, the lady’s family immigrated from Italy as my grandparents did, but they were from southern Italy where my family was from the north up near the Alps. She said her Granddad had worked in the mines when he first arrived. Turns out her family came through Ellis Island as mine had.

The Oregon couple was also looking at the country and decried some of the things that had gone on in their state. Through the conversation, the California couple complained about the amount of taxes they had to pay, all the money they spent to provide for illegal aliens, property taxes doubling and an additional 73 cents of tax on a gallon of gas.

Prior to the Star Spangled Banner, I had told both couples, in this area gatherings still had the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner was sung and some of the other things about the patriotism in this part of the county. As the parade came down the street, I turned to my duties of taking pictures, and among the talk from behind me I heard the comment, “These are the real people.” So be proud Bridger Valley, you are the real people and your values epitomize the values of what it means to be an American and be proud of your heritage.

After the parade, the Oregon couple had gone back to where they had parked their camper. The California gentleman told me the Oregon couple had said, Oregon had just legalized heroin. He sounded incredulous this had happened, and it proved to be a shocker to me. My thoughts, hope it never happens in Wyoming. Hope you feel the same way, too.

P. S.

Latest info received from the Governor's Office is Oregon is trying to get an initiative passed that will eliminate the branding, castration, slaughter etc of livestock because this is inhumane practices. Governor Gordon said all it would do is kill the livestock industry in Oregon and the neighboring states would pick up more for their livestock industries. OH, YEAH, it wouldn't eliminate the practice of neutering and spaying of cats and dogs. GO FIGURE!