BVEA pays back to owners

BVEA board chair Kim Charles presents a check to Uinta 4 Supt. Jeff Newton for the newest capital credit retirement, with Dale Madsen on the right. COURTESY PHOTO/BVEA

URIE — The BVEA Board has announced a capital credit retirement of $975,000, which is the largest retirement in the history of the cooperative.

Only your local electric cooperative makes every customer an owner of the business. Your coop exists to make sure your electrical needs are always met, not to make a profit. As a member-owner, you share in the profits in the form of capital credit refunds.

The cooperative works hard every day to keep your rates as low as possible. But its sure nice to know that when there are profits, they go back to you. The capital credit retirement just announced is for the years 1999 and 2000. If you were a member on the system in those years look for a check in the mail. Thanks for being part of this wonderful system where we all share equitably in the expenses and all share equitably in the benefits. Together we make things better.