Celebrating Independence Day in Bridger Valley with restrictions

Turning back the time of transportation in a former July 4 parade in Fort Bridger PIONEER FILE PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

MV, looking forward to “a really big bang in 22”

FORT BRIDGER — Fort Bridger American Legion Post 36 will hold a parade on July 4, and the route will depend on working out the snags they have encountered with the State Highway Department

Legion officers said they feel it is important to Bridger Valley to celebrate our country and to carry on this tradition in Fort Bridger.

“Because the Covid-19 virus is still of great concern, we expect that the community realize that life has changed and if we all do our part, we can make this a safe celebration,” Pete Roitz, post commander said Monday.

The parade will begin at 11 a.m. at the Legion Hall, onto the main highway through Fort Bridger, turning north on County Road 221 just past the Wagon Wheel Motel, and completing the loop on 221 back to the Legion Hall,” Roitz said. “We ask that spectators utilize CR 221 all the way to where the elementary school was. We expect those who attend the parade to respect others by maintaining social distancing and the wearing of facemasks where appropriate. There will not be a barbeque this year, but we encourage patronizing Fort Bridger businesses and encourage everyone to take advantage of the Fort's activity. We wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.”

The Extreme Kids Day will still be a go at the Fort Bridger State Historic site, according Linley Mayer Wednesday morning. She said, this will be held jointly with a free day at the site as no admittance fees will be charged.

Mayer said the day won’t include the typical games. Even without participating in the game, visitors will be able to enjoy the site and its features in family groups. The latest information Mayer provided was the site would have a ‘drive through history’ with people entering the gate on the highway, drive by the trading post and other scenes in which there will be mini-scenes, and a scavenger hunt for everyone in their vehicle to enjoy as they drive around a predetermined route through the fort. Candy will be given at the front gate as vehicles leave the site. It is free admission and will take place right after the parade until 2:30 pm.

Mountain View Town Clerk Penny Robbins said earlier, Mountain View will shoot fireworks the night of July 4, continuing the Valley’s tradition of celebrating Independence Day. Robbins said, the town has opted not to hold the family events at 6 p.m. prior to the fireworks show as there was no way to comply with the COVID-19 distance restrictions and sanitation of booths.

“We will have a really big bang in 22,” Robbins said, “when it is our turn again to host these things.”


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