County pulls Bank of the West credit cards, denies P&Z appeal

Casey Wegener, with Feehan Trucking, speaks to commissioners during the Tuesday, Nov. 20, Uinta County Commission meeting regarding his appeal of a planning and zoning commission denial of a request for a conditional use permit to construct a company shop and truck parking area in a residential subdivision near Mountain View. UINTA COUNTY HERALD/Sheila McGuire.

EVANSTON — The Uinta County Commissioners voted at the Tuesday, Nov. 20, regular meeting to close the county’s credit card accounts with Bank of the West.

The move was a reaction to a Bank of the West corporate policy to no longer support energy projects that are not actively working on the transition to green energy.

Uinta County Clerk Amanda Hutchinson presented the request to close the credit card accounts and said the Bank of the West decision was troubling because of the importance of energy production to Uinta County. Hutchinson said she believes it’s appropriate to remove some local business from Bank of the West because the policy is inconsistent with the local economy.

Commissioner Wendell Fraughton said, “Well, we need to do something because the policy is an insult to the people of Wyoming.” Fraughton said the local people at Bank of the West have been great to work with, but the county needs to send a message to the corporate office.

Uinta County Commission Chair Eric South said he also thinks the county needs to send a message. “I took it as a slap in the face,” said South. “I don’t personally deal with them, but I sure as hell won’t now. Ever”

In other business, an extensive discussion was held over an appeal of a planning and zoning (P&Z) commission denial of a conditional use permit (CUP) requested by Casey Wegener to construct a truck maintenance building and truck parking area on property purchased by Wegener that is zoned residential. The property in question is located in a subdivision east of Mountain View on the way to Lonetree on State Hwy. 414.

The P&Z commission denied the request because of concerns about public safety and property values for residences in the area. Wegener appealed the decision and spoke on behalf of the trucking company, Feehan Trucking, at the commission meeting.

Wegener said the property was purchased with the intention of constructing a company shop, with the understanding it was zoned appropriately and available for that purpose. After the purchase was complete, he said it was discovered the property was actually zoned as residential only when he went to apply for the building permit.


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