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Governor Gordon tested positive

CHEYENNE — Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon addressed the COVID-19 issue in Wyoming in a letter to members of the legislators.

He expressed concern about the increased cases and hospitalizations and noted they were putting a strain on hospitals and health care workers. In addition, he noted schools were “beginning to go to a hybrid or online platform, as more and more teachers are sickened.” He said these conditions were also a concern because it would also affect businesses.

Gordon said he wanted the businesses to remain open but increased cases would also affect the workforce “due to exposures and illness” so he felt it necessary to update the health orders.

His letter stated: “The updated health order will take effect Nov. 24, 2020. Beginning on that date, Health Order No. 2 will limit indoor and outdoor gatherings in a confined space to 25 persons or fewer without restrictions. If physical distancing measures are employed, gathering for indoor events will be limited to 25 percent of venue capacity with a maximum of 100 people.”

Outdoor events, according to the Governor’s letter, will limit capacity to 50 percent of venue capacity with a maximum of 250 people. Faith based gatherings will continue to be exempt. IN addition, church services, funeral homes, parades and other specified businesses are also exempt to the gathering limits.

No changes were placed for Health Order No! which includes the operations of K-12 school, childcare facilities, restaurants and performance spaces.

The Wyoming Republican Party statewide and in multiple counties have issued statements saying the mask mandate is unconstitutional. The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office has publicized it will not arrest anyone or issue citations due to the unconstitutional nature of the mandate.

Other law enforcement officers have also noted this, including one in Utah.

However, a lady from New Mexico, equipped with her facemask, who was visiting family in the area, said Sunday it is a $100 fine in New Mexico if anyone doesn’t wear a mask in public.

As for Uinta County, the county commissioners say they were blindsided by the mask mandate in the county. They weren’t even notified this was happening until it was in place. Uinta County’s health doctor, Dr. Mark Adams was one of the county health doctors who had asked Governor Mark Gordo to implement a mask mandate for the state. At this time, Gordon has left the issue up to individual counties and areas. But, he has also indicated a change in Health #2 regulation of numbers of people who can be in enclosed and outside areas due to the increase in the numbers of confirmed cases and hospitalizations.

An interesting update to the situation in Wyoming is the State legislative leadership rejected an effort Tuesday to require members to comply with state and local health orders when Wyoming legislators are sworn in this winter,

True to fashion, the school districts have also experience some problems. Mountain View High School has had confirmed cases both in the student population and teachers. The K-8 has had some quarantined due to exposure, but no confirmed cases. In addition, the Lyman District has reported some quarantines with some members in the town reporting they have had COVID-19.


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