Cross country runners settle into season

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BRIDGER VALLEY — Valley cross country runers have laced up their shoes and headed for the courses as they have kicked off their season.

Cross country is often considered the most difficult sport of all. There are no timeouts, substitutions, halftimes or other breaks. And the very last runner to cross the finish line is a winner simply from crossing the line.

Both Lyman High School and Mountain View High School headed for the hills yesterday as the two teams went to Bridger Lake to compete in a Valley run for the money and for bragging rights. Odds are both teams will have runners in top spots. And running at a higher altitude decreases the amount of oxygen getting to the muscles and makes the run tougher on the athlete. No results were available at press time.

Both teams have runners who are stirring up the dust and making excellent times this year. As for last weekend, the teams went their separate ways, but they will again be back on the same course next week at the Lander Invitational.

Last week on Sept. 1, the MVHS cross country team tested their skill at the massive track meet in Logan, Utah. It brings together “20 some schools,” according to MVHS head coach Jim Dolezal. And Mountain View fared very well. Both the girls team and the boys team took second place honors in their divisions.

Pictured are the MVHS boys cross country track meet at Lander last year after taking first place. COURTESY FILE PHOTO/Jim Dolezal

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