Dogie calf, looking for the owners

Pictured is the brand on the calf. COURTESY PHOTO

LYMAN — A calf, without adequate ID has been turned over to Bob Sadlier, brand inspector for Bridger Valley.

According to Sadlier Wednesday afternoon, the calf was brought out of the Cottonwood area, and wasn’t part of the herd brought out by the Roitz family.

Sadlier said he is looking for the owner of the calf, a black heifer calf. He said it weighs about 225 pounds. The calf, Sadlier said, looks like it could be a dogie, but it is in pretty good shape. It has an illegible brand on the left hip. In addition, there is a pink tag in the left ear with a handwritten – 13-27.

For more information or to claim the calf, call Sadlier at 307-747-7416.

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