Easter egg hunt at Fort Bridger State Site

FORT BRIDGER — The spring ritual of an Easter egg hunt at the Fort Bridger State Site last Saturday at 10 a.m. brought out a multitude of kids and their watchers.

Cars pulled in and parked outside the state site, and families walked over to the parking lot to await the starting signal for the egg hunt. Kids clasped their baskets, sacks, buckets, whatever they had brought to cradle the eggs they would find on the grounds of the state site.

The temperatures could have been fairly moderate, but the wind decided to jump up a couple of notches and made the day cold and blustery. As the parking lot filled with people, the clock counted down to the welcoming and the directions.

When the signal sounded for the egg hunt to start, kids were turned loose into the different areas to find the 5,000 bright colored eggs that had been hidden on the grounds. Some parents were on the run to get their children in first.

Also included in the hunt throughout the fort were gold-colored eggs. When opened, the eggs had a paper with a question about the history of the Fort Bridger site. These eggs could be taken to the museum and opened. If the child knew the answer, the child won a prize.

Pictured is the Easter bunny, who was on had to have mingle with the kids and have his picture taken with them. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

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