Field of Remembrance

BRIDGER VALLEY — The inaugural Bridger Valley Field of Remembrance will be at the Fort Bridger State Site, Sept. 9-16.

It will pay tribute to people or families who have made a contribution to the Bridger Valley or the lives of others.

This event is set for flags, “each one representing a cherished individual and their extraordinary impact. It’s a tapestry of unity, respect and gratitude that binds us together as a community.”

The Field of Remembrance is a new project of the Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce. According to the information provided by the Chamber, the field is designed to remember, “From military, personnel and first responders to educators, family members, and other remarkable individuals, the Bridger Valley Field of Remembrance is a testament to the diverse and inspiring stories that make up the fabric of our community.

The event is sponsored by Union Wireless, WyHy, Reddi and the Fort Bridger State Park.

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