Fundraisers give back to the Valley

“That’s what this season is all about.” – Jeanie May

LYMAN — The Bridger Valley Christmas Festival committee not only does work behind the scenes to get the festival up-and-running, they also work diligently to coordinate fundraisers to give back to the Valley.

The push on the fundraisers has been part of the committee’s work for the last five years and been spearheaded by Jeanie May last year and this year. She is helped by co-director Hannah Ciminelli. Last year, May said Monday morning, the amount raised was triple that which had been raised yearly in the past.

“We are trying to do something to help, May said. “That’s what this season is all about” as she explained she wasn’t into the festival for making money

For five years, funds from the raffles were given to local families in need. Last year the focus was changed to assist veterans and senior citizens and their families. That is the two groups that will benefit from the fundraisers again this year.

A new fundraiser this year is the cake auction. It is considered a pro-cake level as professional bakers in the area have been contacted to decorate and donate a cake for this event. Five cakes have already been confirmed for the auction.

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