Governor Gordon offers a blueprint for Wyoming to lead the nation

Gov. Gordon addresses the 2023 Legislature on Wednesday and gave his State of the State address. COURTESY PHOTO/Oil City

CHEYENNE — Governor Mark Gordon’s State of the State Address to the 67th Legislature Wednesday highlighted multiple fronts where Wyoming is leading and further opportunities to lead the nation through innovation.

Reflecting on the current financial position of the state, Governor Gordon noted, “Wyoming finds herself at a remarkable juncture. Federal government largess and energy markets have given Wyoming a financial bumper crop. Yet, Wyoming is strong, and her future is bright. Together, we have an opportunity to make her even stronger for our people and for the generations to come.”

The Governor’s proposed supplemental budget proposal outlined an approach to save funds, address inflation, and make strategic investments for the future.

One of those areas is related to energy. Wyoming understands energy and our legacy industries are vital to the nation. However, the Governor noted it is also no secret those same industries have faced ongoing attempts out of Washington, DC, to shutter these critical resources.

“The Biden Administration's misguided policies drove inflation to levels not seen in 40 years. This winter, there are families in America–the richest and most advanced country in the world–living under the very real threat of freezing in the dark,” Gordon stated. “Our economy, way of life and national security demand all the energy Wyoming can produce. Instead of giving first bumps to OPEC leaders, the Biden Administration should be extending a handshake to Wyoming energy producers.”

The Governor called for support for increasing funding to the Energy Matching Fund, which is meant to spur innovation and transformative projects. Gordon praised the efforts of state and private partners. “Wyoming is becoming recognized for being forward-thinking on climate and energy. When I talk to people in Washington, DC, I proudly point to what we have done to establish Wyoming’s energy and environmental leadership. Our expertise in resource management, advanced carbon innovation, energy security, value-added agriculture, and fiscal prudence makes us a leader in all these areas.”

Gordon recognizes that to keep Wyoming competitive in a rapidly changing economy means, we need to be unified. Ensuring our youth receive a world-class education is critical to preparing our children for the Twenty-First job market.

Emphasizing this, Governor Gordon said, “Now is a critical time for education. We must be bold and take action. If you are as passionate about retaining our youth and home-grown talent as I am, then you must be open to new educational opportunities.” The priority recommendations the RIDE Advisory Group delivered to the Governor are available for the public to review.

Speaking about the resiliency of Wyoming’s people, Gordon said, “There is something about Wyoming people and our western culture that is simply extraordinary. We are a people with grit, courage and kindness in our souls.”

The Governor concluded by invoking the words of George Washington in calling for Wyoming’s people to come together to move the state forward, saying, “While we should speak our mind, we should also have a servant’s heart. So that we can each do our share in making this special place we call home to thrive long into the future.”

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