High winds decked trees and caused outtages

URIE — Monday afternoon as the cold front approached the wind really picked up in all areas of southwestern Wyoming. Wind gusts in the Bridger Valley measured 71 mph.

Even for windy Wyoming that is highly unusual. The infrastructure of Bridger Valley Electric held up well during the storm, but a lot of trees did not fare so well and we had several outages reported from trees falling into the power lines. We had localized outages in Farson, Fort Bridger, Milburn and at Bridger Butte.

At times yesterday (Monday) there were about 300 members out of power. Crews responded quickly to reroute energy to alternate lines, reset fuses and splice broken lines.

One pole was broken and crews are replacing it today (Tuesday).

We should all be appreciative of our line crews that work in hazardous conditions to restore power when weather turns violent.

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