Independence Day, alive and well in Bridger Valley

The Uinta County Mountain Sheriff’s Posse present the US Flag, MIA Flag and the Military Branch Flags at the July 4 parade last Saturday in Fort Bridger. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

Happy 4th of July – new on the lips this year

BRIDGER VALLEY — July 4, 1776, a day most Americans hold dear to their hearts, or at least that is what this writer hopes.

Then you read the articles with people dancing on, burning and trying to destroy America’s flag and wonder where these people got such odd ideas. They think they are oppressed in the U.S., perhaps they need to travel to some of the other countries and try their shenanigans. Oops, but I am off the train of reporting the good, which surfaced in Bridger Valley over the July 4 Independence Day last Saturday.

The ‘Happy 4th of July’ was a phrase heard repeatedly as people got into the mood in the Valley. So many said they were tired of being confined and tired of all the demonstrations and the tearing down of the country that has gone on in the United States. This came from Valley residents and a multitude of people who stayed and passed through the Valley on the weekend.

The day dawned warm, dry, with blue skies and a few white, fluffy clouds east and west of Fort Bridger. Residents lined the main street in Fort Bridger in anticipation for the parade hosted by American Legion Post 36. The sun continued to beat down as the crowd continued to fill the street and follow the parade route on the north end of town. Laughter and talking filled the air as the crowd waited for the parade to begin.

The strains of the Star Spangled Banner brought those sitting to their feet and hands were placed over hearts as the song played out. The Uinta County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse led the way, bearing the Stars and Stripes, the POW/MIA Flag and the flags of the Armed Forces. A couple of ATV’s, one with the rider wearing a facemask followed the posse. And then there was a stop – for a long time – not a pause in the parade often times created by a float being too far behind the one in front. But a stop, with nothing coming down the road. The crowd waited and waited. Rumors from the east end of town started to surface on the west end. What was the problem?

Stationary flashing lights in the area of the Jim Bridger Bar and other flashing lights, and no parade moving down the street. Looked like there might be a health issue on the east end.

Bridger State Historic Site did host a drive-thru past old-time scenes. It was reported there were quite a few cars and about 350 people participated in the drive-thru. In addition, several people visited the fort prior to the parade and after the drive-thru.

A large contingent turned out for the fireworks in Mountain View, and the sky was ablaze with colors as the town hosted this year’s show. In addition, fireworks could be seen being shot across the sky in the Valley.

The coronavirus caused a damper, but couldn’t stop the celebration of being in the U.S.A.


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