Independence Day celebration in Valley Tuesday

“Still serving our community.”


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FORT BRIDGER — Service is the name of the game, and U.S. military veterans and their families continue to carry this forward through their lifetimes.

As the years roll on and the veterans settle in after returning home, they tend to put their commitment to service into the communities in which they live. And, the July 4 celebration is a prime example. The theme for this year’s celebration for the Valley is “Still Serving Our Community.”

The celebration in Bridger Valley can be traced back to the veterans of World War II in which they donned their caps to head up the Valley celebration. Now a younger crop, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War veterans and others carry on a tradition started many years ago in the Valley.

That is what we celebrate next Tuesday. The birth of the nation and the freedoms Americans received through this action. And, as always, this most American of holidays will be marked by parades, fireworks and backyard barbecues across the country.

As Bridger Valley steps into the Valley-wide celebration Tuesday, take a moment to remember how this country came about (from the Revolutionary War, World Wars to today), to be thankful you live in America and to be proud you are an American.

Also, take a moment to remember the veterans who have contributed to keeping this country free.

And enjoy—take a part in the celebrations throughout the Valley. It starts early, includes a plethora of events and ends with a bang at the fireworks at dusk in Lyman following a full slate of events in the Valley.

Fort Bridger American Legion Post 36 has been the backbone of the celebration in Bridger Valley for many, many years. As the times have changed, other events are now held in other areas of the Valley.

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