LHS 2022 class eyes new directions following graduation

McKendyll Dickerson, Valedictorian

LYMAN — Graduation continues to be an end and a beginning, and the LHS graduates took these steps at their graduation ceremony last week on Thursday, May 26.

As people entered the auditorium, the room was filled with laughter and talk as people found a seat and settled in for the ceremony. An air of excitement and anticipation permeated the room. A theme, which carried through the ceremony, was “We Won’t Stop Dreaming a Million Dreams,” and helped set up the tone for the evening as this may have been an end to high school, but there was so much to beckon the students on into their futures. The students also included the mantra they had used during school at the end of their ceremony, “It’s a Great Day to be an Eagle.”

Lyman sent its graduating seniors on to new horizons. In addition, four exchange students were included in the ceremony.

LHS Principal Chris Tucker told the class before they were presented their diplomas that “…it takes so many teachers and staff to educate a class…parents and community.” He also urged the class members to, “Never forget where you came from…always be proud to be a Lyman Eagle.”

David Huntsman, a man who graduated from Lyman, went on to college and came back to teach in his hometown, was awarded the Paul Willie Award for teachers. A second award, Friend of Education, was presented to Glade Erickson, Bridger Valley Motor, for his unending support for Lyman High School.

Salutatorian Brice Hansen talked about the decisions the students may have made, and noted sometimes they may not have been the best decisions. She related some of the antics of her classmates through the years, bringing laughter from the crowd.

Hansen also thanked her classmates and the school system for the support the class had received during their 12 years in the Lyman District.

Valedictorian McKendyll Dickerson spoke of how her classmates would continue in life. She said some would go to college; some would not as there “are many other ways to learn.” She spoke of labels people use such as considerate and kind, but said “The most important label is what you give to yourself.” She urged her classmates to “live tough” and their “dreams are not dead, just find new ones.” She also noted her class now gets to “…decide who we are, decide for ourselves.”

Valedictorian Landen Heaton said he would rather be out and about, doing something than being in the auditorium, but this was something that had to be done. He invited the Lyman Eagle football team to join him on-stage for one last hurrah and their team spirit chant ended with “It’s a great day to be an Eagle.” Heaton said, “They really did have my back all this year.”

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