LIS fifth graders learning experience in the field

Pictured are some of the students and chaporens who recently attended the Teton Science School in Jackson Hole. COURTESY PHOTO/LIS

LYMAN — For the third straight year, fifth graders from Lyman Intermediate School participated in three days of science exploration at Teton Science School (TSS).

The science exploration/adventure school in Jackson Hole hosts thousands of students each year. Justin Smith, Lyman Intermediate school principal said, Lyman Intermediate sent 48 kids and six adult chaperones this year.

The TSS website describes what they do: "Teton Science Schools inspires curiosity, engagement and leadership through transformative place-based education. We define place as the ecological, cultural and economic aspects of a community. Bring your students into one of nature’s most incredible classrooms—the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We believe great programs are student-centered, standards-based, safety-conscious and fun!”

The LIS students stayed in TSS dorms and participated in the Hands to Work! program, which means they were supervised doing the after-meal cleanup, room and bathroom cleaning, Leave no Trace, Smith said Monday. Students spent days in the outdoors snowshoeing and cross country skiing. They studied animal habitats and observed moose, fox, bighorn sheep and bison in their natural habitat.

Students measured snow water content in the snow layers and took data on elk and bison herds. At night they studied animals native to the ecosystem. Smith said the kids took pages of notes and tracked what they were learning to follow up on when they got back to Lyman.


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