Looking for information on vandalism

This is the front of the school known as a normal school in Fort Bridger. Windows were broken on all four sides of the building and have been boarded up. The school is one of the few remaining in the Valley today. Another one sits in Carter. In the past there was also a school in Lyman, Milburne and more. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

FORT BRIDGER —Uinta Country School District 4 is looking for information on vandalism of the old school building in Fort Bridger.

This is the post they placed on WeAreMV Facebook earlier this week.

“Unfortunately, the old school house down in Fort Bridger got broken into and vandalized recently resulting in broken windows and doors and spray paintings of satanic and vulgar symbols on most walls and floors. If you have any information about this crime to report, you can remain anonymous by using Safe 2 Tell Wyoming. You can report by phone (1-844-996-7233) or by visiting the Safe 2 Tell website (safe2tellwy.org). Thanks in advance to the person willing to step up and do the right thing.


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