LPD responded to alleged assault Tuesday

Resulted in self inflicted gun shot wound.

LYMAN — The Lyman Police Department was notified and responded to the report of an alleged assault at the Lyman cemetery Tuesday, mid morning.

This case is ongoing and no names were released at this time, acccording to Police Chief Tom Clark Wednesday morning.

The report of the alleged assault was received at 10:48 a.m., and it said “an adult male subject had assaulted two females, brandished a firearm and made statements indicating that he may possibly harm himself or others.”

The suspect had already left the area when the officer arrived. The police quickly located the suspect’s vehicle at an address on West Walnut Street in Lyman, Clark said. Clark attempted to make contact with the suspect, who appeared to have barricaded himself in the residence. After several attempts, no communication could be established with the suspect.

The Bridger Valley ambulance was placed on standby, Clark said, due to the previous reports of threats the department received, while the police officers secured the perimeter. The concern for the suspect’s welfare became foremost in the officer’s actions. Clark said, with no communications between the officers and the suspect, it was unknown as to the suspect’s physical condition or emotional state.

Officers donned in tactical gear made entry into the residence and located the suspect, who had injuries from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Medical personnel quickly administered lifesaving treatment and the suspect was transported to the University Of Utah Trauma Unit, Clark said.

A combined effort between the Lyman Police Department, Uinta County Sheriff’s Office, Mountain View Police Department and Wyoming Highway Patrol, along with medical and fire personnel insured that no other individuals were injured in this incident.

Clark said he would like to thank all emergency personnel for the assistance and professionalism during this situation.


The University of Utah AirMed assisted in transporting the suspect with the self-inflicted gun shot would to Utah Tuesday after law enforcement personnel were able to get him out of a house in Lyman. Local law enforcement officers and emergency crews are shown here with the helicopter as the patient is being loaded. COURTESY PHOTO/University of Utah AirMed

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