Lyman Eagles claimed the ‘bragging rights of the Bridger Valley Bowl’

Looking for room to run, the Eagles try to go around the Buffalos defense in the game last week in Mountain View.

MOUNTAIN VIEW — The two Valley football teams went head=to=head last week on the Buffalo turf, and the LHS Eagles scored an impressive win over the MVHS Buffalos, 28-10.

Fans expected a closer battle, but the Buffalos weren’t able to put up the offense or defense to stop the Eagles from soaring and taking the win.

The Eagles had come off of a hard-fought loss to Lovell, and the Buffalos were coming off of three wins to start their season.

As for last week’s game between Mountain View and Lyman, the game had to be frustrating for the Buffalos and exhilarating for the Eagles. The teams and fans came together as one for the singing of the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ From then on until the clock counted down and the game ended, the teams and fans were there for either the Eagles or the Buffalos.

In this game, Lyman Eagle Carter Bradshaw ran for 186 yards and two TDs, and McKoy Smith added 124 rushing yards and two touchdowns for Lyman.

The Buffalos kicked off, and the Eagles were back to receive and start their march up the field. As they edged up the field, Carter Bradshaw added yardage for the Eagles. The ball was placed on the 6-yard line. Smith carried the ball into the end zone for the Eagles’ first touchdown. This was followed by a pass into the end zone for the Eagels to nail a 2-point conversion, with 5:40 left in the first quarter.

After the Eagles kicked, Jayce Schultz returned the ball for the Buffalos. The ball was spotted on the 16-yard line. The Buffalos struggled to move ahead and hit the end zone, but they were thwarted by the Eagles. As the clock continued to count down, the Buffalos aced a field goal and put three-points on the board near the end of the first quarter for a score of 8-3.

In the second quarter, the Buffalos caused the Eagles a missed score by blocking the ball as it bounced from one receiver to another. As the quarter progressed, both teams were able to keep the other from scoring and the possession was passed back-and-forth. Lyman fumbled the ball but was able to maintain control as they recovered their own fumble. Near the end of the first half, Bradshaw kept a snap and ran in for the Eagles second TD. The PAT wasn’t successful. The score at the end of the first half was 14-3.

When the second half started, the Buffalos looked more energized when they returned to the field. They were able to score a TD followed by a PAT to move their score to 10, still trailing by four.

An illegal procedure was called on the Eagles and gave the Buffalos more yardage. Although the first half basically was yellow flag barren, after the first flag in the second half, yellow flags were thrown frequently.

Bradshaw ran in his second touchdown of the game in the third quarter. It was followed by a 2-point conversion so the Eagles led 22-10.

At the end if the third Mountain View fumbled on the snap, and the Eagles recovered the ball.

In the fourth quarter, Smith received a handoff, kept the ball and carried it into the end zone for his second TD for the Eagles. The Eagles tried a 2-point conversion but it didn’t click. Lyman now led by 18, 28-10.

With 2:51 left in the game, the Buffalos were able to take possession of the ball as they held the Eagles. Taking control deep in Eagle territory, on about the 1½ yard line, the Buffalos moved up to the 15th following a penalty on the Eagles. The clock continued to run and the Buffalos took a knee following a snap.

The Lyman Eagles claimed the ‘bragging rights of the Bridger Valley Bowl.’