Lyman Town Council passed 2019-20 fiscal budget

Pictured is the Lyman Town Hall. The council passed the new budget the end of last week. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

LYMAN — The Town of Lyman passed its 2019-20 fiscal budget at their meeting last week on Thursday, June 20, which reflected a slight decrease in the amount of the general fund.

The new budget was set at $1,986,817, down slightly from last year, which was slightly over $2 million, according to Lisa Bradshaw, town clerk Tuesday afternoon.

She said the town also had to make a slight increase in the costs for sewer and water as the BV Joint Powers Board (BVJPB) had increased the cost of water to the town. Bradshaw said that the cost had gone up $2 for the combined fee, from $57 to $59, to reflect the increase in the cost of water from the BVJPB.

Lyman doesn’t have any major projects on line for this fiscal year, but is doing the necessary paperwork to apply for an AML (Abandonded Mines Land Grant) for the streets. At the present, there is no timeline on when the application will actually be finalized and submitted.

According to Bronsen Berg, Lyman mayor, the AML grant is being pursued as Lyman’s “roads are falling apart.” The money provided by the AML is provided as a public facility grant.

Berg said Tuesday, Lyman is fiscally sound. The plans for Lyman are “to continue to improve the town to make it a good place for people to live and enjoy.”

As for the slight decrease in the general fund, Berg equated it to some decrease in state funding. The majority of the funding received from the state remains stable, but some of the funding, such as that from the minerals, etc, fluctuates.


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