Micheli chosen as judge for National Western Stock Show

“Sort of like a dream come true…”

FORT BRIDGER — Fort Bridger area rancher Dale Micheli was invited to be a judge at the National Western Stock Show in Denver.

Micheli said Tuesday he will be part of a panel of three judges and they will judge the Carload and Pen Show for Herefords at the stock show. Micheli said the judges would be judging these categories today.

This is Micheli’s second year being tapped as a judge for the stock show. He said being tapped as a judge for the show was “sort of like a dream come true…the dream of a lifetime.”

The day’s work, according to Micheli, will be extensive as the three judges will judge all of the Pens and Carloads of Herefords at the stock show. He estimated the panel would be faced with 8 t0 10 carloads and 57 pens of bulls and 43 pens of heifers. The pens include a count of three head and the carloads, 10.

Micheli is one of the owners of the Micheli Hereford and Angus Ranch just east of Fort Bridger. The ranch originally was a registered Hereford Ranch, but added registered Black Angus to their herd years ago.

Micheli said he has “judged all over the country,” but reiterated his selection as a judge for the National Stock Show was “the dream of a lifetime.”

Pictured is Dale Micheli in the showroom taking a pause from hid judging duties at a former show. COURTESY PHOTO

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