Moose relocated outside Mountain View


For safety concerns

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Wyoming Game and Fish Department was instrumental in moving a cow and two calf moose out of the Mountain View town limits to the Lonetree area on Oct. 30.

They were assisted in this

The 30 wildlife managers with WGFD, along with the help of the Uinta County Sherriff’s Office, Mountain View Police Department, Town of Mountain View Maintenance Department and Union Wireless Employees were able to successfully complete the move.

Mountain View Game Warden Allen Deru said that over the last few months, there have been seven different moose in town at one time and he is aware four more moose could be in the area.

“The relocation of the moose went as well as can be expected considering we had to move three moose,” Deru said. “We are still hoping the other moose in town will leave for the winter months, but relocation efforts are being discussed for them.”

The mature bull in town has not been relocated due his overall docile demeanor and the concerns related to the hunting season being open for moose. Once the drugs are administered to an animal, that animal cannot be consumed for an extended period of time. An animal that is moved during a hunting season does receive a “call before eating” ear tag in one of the ears. The main concern is, if for some reason the ear tag falls out, anyone who eats the animal will face serious health risks. People wait a long time to draw a moose license. Once they harvest a moose they want to be able to eat it, which may not be possible.

“There are no perfect solutions to the issues associated with moose in town,” Deru said “And there will always be moose in Mountain View as long as there is quality riparian habitat for them.”


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