Mountain View council discussed state liquor law changes

MOUNTAIN VIEW — During the work session of Mountain View’s town council Tuesday night, the council read and discussed the changes in the state liquor laws and how the changes would affect the town’s ordinances.

The state changed the laws during the legislature and these changes gave more power to towns and cities in regards to the ordinances. Mountain View mayor Scott Dellinger started by reading a change to the ordinance regarding hours of operation by bars and restaurants selling liquor. According to the new change in the state law, an establishment could sell liquor 24 hours a day, seven days a week if the city or town allowed it. Dellinger said he would like to establish times that would be agreeable to the entire Bridger Valley and the business owners.

“We need to set times that would be the same for everyone,” said Dellinger. Dellinger wanted to speak with the town of Lyman and set times together.

Council member Scott Sidwell said “I think we should stick with what we are doing now,” which was agreed upon by the council. The current ordinance states a business can only serve liquor until 2 a.m. If there is a special event that needs extended hours, the business can gain that extension by getting the approval of the town. A business is allowed four extensions per year.