MV Buffs looking to lay Wheatland Bulldogs low in second playoff

MOUNTAIN VIEW — The Mountain View Buffalos took to their home field last Friday in Mountain View, and they meant business handing out their fourth shutout of the season over Thermopolis with a score of 45-0.

The Buffalos controlled the game from the beginning when they posted a TD just shortly after the game started to the very end when the Thermopolis Bobcats gained possession in the last few seconds of the game. Only 53 seconds to go in the fourth quarter and the Bobcats had possession as the clock ticked down. Back at the line with 22 seconds to go, and the Bobcats lined up. Before they could get a play off, the game was over.

Last year the Buffalos lost in the first round. This year they were determined to notch the win. The Buffalos were all over the field last Friday and held the Bobcats back, wreaking havoc for the Bobcats as the Buffalos pushed them back, intercepted and just made the game miserable for Thermopolis.


Kimball Madsen, sophomore, tries to keep from going down with the ball as the Bobcat means to derail Madsen’s attempt at yardage. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

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