MV Police Chief Sparks received commendation; Mayor looks to the future

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Mountain View Police Chief Brian Sparks was recognized by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation acknowledging his exemplary work in a letter to mayor Scott Dellinger.

The letter, dated Thursday, Nov. 7, was from DCI Director Steven Woodson.

This information was released by Mountain View in their meeting Tuesday, Dec. 3. as the letter was brought to the council meeting Tuesday to be read during the work session, and those in attendance were thrilled to hear that their police chief was so lauded by the State of Wyoming.

"Our agency has come to regard Chief Sparks as a wise and reliable professional who does an outstanding job keeping your community safe and secure," Woodson wrote in his letter. "While assisting us to do the same. I believe Chief Sparks is an invaluable member of not only the Mountain View Police Department, but the State of Wyoming. Chief Sparks is diligent in accomplishing his duties and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty."

Sparks received this commendation from the governor's office for his recent efforts to combat the "drug war" in our community and within the state, as he provided crucial evidence and man-hours to put multiple drug dealers crossing county lines behind bars.

Also discussed during the meeting was Dellinger's hope to bring a sixth-penny vote to the upcoming ballot. Other towns have already voted for the sixth-penny addition to their non-food sales tax, and in so doing they have been able to do things such as build a youth center for their town.

If the county were to vote in favor of adding one-cent to the Mountain View sales tax on non food items, the town anticipates being able to build a community center and other things.