MVHS Buffalo ladies took third place at the state soccer meet

Fighting for control of the ball on the pitch at the state tournament last week in Cheyenne against Riverton. COURTESY PHOTO/Chary Young Porter

CHEYENNE — The MVHS Buffalos girls soccer team hit the pitch last week in Cheyenne after earning the #3 seed for the 3A West region having successfully making enough goals to grab the golden ring.

As they battled at the tournament, they won one, lost one and then went on to play for third place. An interesting note about the soccer team’s play on the pitch at state was they held their opponents scoreless in the first half of all three games they played.

For Mountain View’s shot at third place, they went up against #1E Riverton, securing the win with a late goal and took third place in the 3A conference.

Pundits in the know said the 3A conference was tougher this year than last year, making the players hustle more to make their goals.

Mountain View opened the play on the pitch at the state tournament against the Buffalo Bison last week on Thursday. Buffalo was the #2 East seed. The teams were fairly even, played good defense and kept each other from scoring. During the first half, the game was clean with few fouls. Neither team could muster the extra to make a goal in the first half.

To try to finalize the game, the teams went to a shootout in two 10-minute overtimes. Almost seemed like a re-play of state last year, when Mountain View was sent into a shootout to win the game against Newcastle. In the shootout, both teams are given five kicks to try to make a goal.

No goal, no score in the first overtime. Phase two, a second overtime for the two teams to have a chance to make the miracle goal to claim the win. Emalee Bugas buried one in the net for Mountain View to take the lead by one. Buffalo responded with a goal of their own. Mountain View and Buffalo each hit the mark in the second shootout. When the shootout ended, Mountain View led by one, 3-2, and advanced to their second game Friday against the Cody Fillies.

This would be the third time the two teams had met during this conference season. The game, like the two previous games proved to be a win for Cody.

In the beginning of the first half, Mountain View received two free kicks, but couldn’t make the ball connect to the net. When the two teams played their last game earlier this season, Cody grabbed an early lead. This time the Lady Buffs held them up and stopped Cody’s offense from putting goals on the board. Both teams were scoreless at the half.

This loss put the Lady Buffs into the game for third, in which they faced the Riverton Wolverines. With 15 minutes left in the first half, Emalee Bugas drew a foul and a free kick, but couldn’t ace the kick. As the clock ended the first half, both teams were scoreless.

In the second half, Mountain View blocked Riverton’s free kick. In this half, the Lady Buffs had become more forceful on the pitch and had leveled the field of possession, chipping off Riverton’s advantage on this point. With 18.5 minutes left in the second half, Emalee Bugas sent a ball home and put the Lady Buffs on the board with a one-point lead.

Riverton couldn’t capitalize on a free kick as the second half was winding down. As the game ended, Mountain View earned the win, 1-0, and took third place at the state tournament. This was a step-up for Mountain View as they finished in fourth place last year. Two years of varsity soccer, and two years at state with the last a move up one slot.


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