MVHS Buffalos cinched first gridiron win at Homecoming game

MV Buffs Tyler Mair, 68, Coby Jones, 76, and Colter Bindl, 75, put the stop on the Pinedale Wranglers at the game last Friday in Mountain View. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

MOUNTAIN VIEW — The dry spell ended last week on the Buffalo turf as the Buffs took the win in their Homecoming game with a lopsided win over the Pinedale Wranglers, 57-0.

It was a good day for football, blue skies, warm temperatures and no breeze as the Buffalos settled in to play. They had struggled all year and had lost a couple of games by one point, but this was their Homecoming and if the odds were for them, they would take the win. And win they did.

The game pitted the Buffalos who hadn’t won a game against the Pinedale Wranglers, who also hadn’t won a game. But the tide had to turn, and one of the teams had to grab the win. For the Buffalos and their hometown crowd for the school’s Homecoming, the Buffalos were able to grab the gold ring and the win. A perfect finish for the Buffalos for the day.

The Buffalos will play the Piney Punchers today at Big Piney. The Punchers enter the fray with a 2-3 record.

As for last week’s game, it was all the Buffalos. They romped and stomped and put the points on the board, shutting out the Wranglers.

The Buffalos kicked off, but the Wranglers couldn’t gain yardage, a problem, which followed them throughout the game. A hand-off to Tanner Collins and his run into the end zone, followed by a PAT by Nash Piekkola, put up seven for the Buffs in the first six minutes of the game.

Another run by Collins, up the middle, and crossing into the end zone, followed by another PAT gave the Buffalos 14 points with 2:58 left in the first quarter, which was the same score at the end of the quarter.

A pass from Wyatt Rees into the end zone put a third touchdown on the Buffalo scoreboard. It, too, was followed by a PAT moving the score to 21-0.

Mountain View recovered a fumble by Pinedale and carried the ball to the 9-yard-line. A pass into the end zone was dropped and no score.

On a snap, Collins dropped the ball, picked it up and raced down field into the end zone. A try for a 2-point conversion was blocked. The Buffalos led, 27-0, with 7:29 left in the second quarter.

Second half and the Buffalos continued to dominate. Within the first two minutes of the second, the Buffalos earned another touchdown as Collins raced down the field and into the end zone. The PAT was good, and the score stood at 50-0. The Buffs added more points, and at the end of the third quarter the score was 57-0.

In the fourth quarter Konner Schneider was downed by the Wranglers and laid on the field, needing assistance. When he was brought to his feet and taken off the field, Schneider was favoring his left arm.

No points were scored in the fourth quarter. An offensive foul on the Buffs pushed them back. Other penalties followed, face mask, delay of game and more on the two teams. The game ended with the score at 57-0.