MVHS Upgrades its Vo Ag Shop with new ArcLight System

MVHS seniors Kylee Dellinger, Hudson Hysell, Norco Representative Scott Weaver, Vo Ag teacher Cari Sue Covolo, and MVHS senior Trevor Condos stand in front of the ArcLight computer system that communicates with the new plasma cam system at MVHS.

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Recently, Mountain View High School students and staff received some on-site training related to a new ArcLight plasma cam metal cutting system installed in the MVHS Vo-Ag shop.

The ArcLight plasma cam is a state of the art metal-cutting system that allows students to download images and designs and cut them into metal of varying types and thickness.

Norco in Salt Lake City is a distributor for ArcLight and Scott Weaver is a sales representative who came to MVHS to offer the training. Weaver went through setting up the system and using it with Vo Ag teacher Cari Sue Covolo and Vo Ag students for a full day so they would be able to put the new plasma cam system to the test. “We just really make it a priority to work with schools to help students learn this technology,” Weaver said.

Covolo stated, “This new system will allow students to be on the front end of using modern industry grade equipment to complete projects and obtain training to further their career exploration.”

Weaver emphasized the MVHS students were the first group of students to make it through all four modules of training on the ArcLight system in a single day and then they were able to actually apply the lessons and use the processes efficiently.

The ArcPro 9600X plasma cam system was purchased with two combined grant opportunities. The largest portion of the purchase was covered by a grant specific to post-secondary transitional services for students. Another portion of the plasma cam system, including the additional training, was covered by a Perkins Federal Grant.


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