National Day of the cowboy, celebrated July 28

“The cowboy embodies honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, respect, a strong work ethic, and patriotism.”

Saturday, July 28, was the National Day of the Cowboy. The day was started as a way to contribute to the preservation of America’s rich cowboy heritage.

The day recognizes the stoic, hardworking symbol of the American West. The era of the cowboy began after the Civil War in the heart of Texas. Cattle were herded long before this time, but in Texas, they grew wild and unchecked. As the country expanded, the demand for beef in the northern territories and states increased. With nearly 5 million head of cattle, cowboys moved the herds on long drives to where the profits were.

Bridger Valley has this heritage and continues to embody the culture with the area’s ranches.

Although the Valley has grown and other interests have come in, there is still a strong agrarian aspect in the Valley – acres and acres of ranch land, livestock, working cowboys and cowgirls who do their work astride a horse. Some of them compete in area rodeos and have risen in PRCA rodeos.

The National Day Of The Cowboy falls each year on the fourth Saturday of July in the United States. This day is set aside for the cowboy heritage in which Americans take pride.

Started in 2005 by U.S. Senator Craig Thomas, the day was set aside to recognize the impact the American cowboy has had on the country.

Did you know there is a Cowboys' Code of Conduct? The lack of any real written law in the Wild West made it very important for cowboys to create their own guidelines on how to live. These rules became known as the "Code of the West" – rules that were not written as statutes, but were always respected on the range.

In the words of the former President Bush, “We celebrate the Cowboy as a symbol of the grand history of the American West. The Cowboy’s love of the land and love of the country are examples for all Americans.”

This year’s date coincidentally corresponds with the Uinta County Fair and serves as a forerunner of Evanston Rodeo Days.


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