North dominated 2017 Shrine Bowl game

The North and the South battle for bragging rights, but the real winners will be those trying to learn or re-learn how to walk.

CASPER — The North and the South clashed in the 2017 Shrine Bowl in Casper last Saturday, and just like the Civil War, the North dominated and thundered off with the win.
Bridger Valley had three football players in the gold of the South Team. They included Preston Quinney, Lyman, and Blake Murray and Dane Covington, both of Mountain View. Although the players donned a gold and white uniform for the South, they wear the helmet of their home team so the field is awash in color from the different helmets.
At the kickoff, it looked like the South Team was going to be a presence on the field and put up roadblocks preventing the North from easily walking away with the win.
The first play of the Saturday’s Shrine Bowl Game at Cheney Alumni Field was a 61-yard pass from South quarterback Dane Covington to Gage Pitt. South scored three plays later on a 9-yard Covington-Pitt connection. The South needed just four plays to score the first touchdown of the 44th Wyoming Shrine Bowl.
Then the South stopped scoring.
The North is now 8-1-1 in the last 10 games. The North now holds a 23-18 advantage over the South in the Shrine Bowl (there have been three ties).
As for individual stats for the South, Covington hit nine of 23 for 118 yards and one interception.

Pictured are Blake Murray, Preston Quinney and Dane Covington at the Shrine Bowl last Saturday in Casper. COURTESY PHOTO/Eric Quinney


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