Old Man Winter

…just doesn’t want to let Mother Nature move on about her job of waking up the earth and bring on Spring. The Valley was again encrusted with snow, like the rest of the state and more as the storm pushed through Tuesday into Wednesday. The warning was the state’s three interstates would all be affected and the storm warnings would persist through Thursday morning. A winter weather advisory was posted for Rock Springs, Riverton, Cody and Yellowstone National Park.

A flood watch is in effect for low lying areas in western Wyoming, including Jackson, Afton, Kemmerer and Cokeville. Reports of the storm are much worse on the eastern side of Wyoming, into the Nebraska panhandle and much farther east. Listed as the largest bomb cyclone ever, complete with huge blizzard conditions.Denver International cancelled over 700 flights as of Wednesday afternoon.

PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis


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