Our apologies to the people of Lyman and the Bridger Valley,

I would like to personally apologize for the failure of the Fourth of July fireworks display my company was asked to provide for Lyman's Independence Day celebration. After months of preparation by my team and the Town of Lyman it was to be the culmination of an outstanding day put forth by many hard working people, and unfortunately, we were unable to come through with our part of your day due to -of all things-- a dead 12 vold battery pack.

The show was ready, the tests were completed and all systems go for a pyromusical cap off to a great day. All we had to do was wait for showtime. Everything was fine- until it wasn't.

During preparation, all firing modules and the computer interface module, otherwise known as a "CIM" were charged for showtime. The charging units give a "charged" or "charging" indication during this process and had given us a fully charged read. Unfortunately, that indicator we later learned, was a false positive indication due to a loose connection in the charging port on the CIM and in fact the CIM was not fully charged. At the point that we were to begin the show, all systems were go and we were ready to fire when we were asked to hold for about 10 minutes. Somewhere during this delay, the CIM lost its charge completely and would no longer communicate with the computer and the firing modules.

Ironically, this short delay turned out to be very fortuitous for everyone. Were it not for this delay, the show most certainly would have stopped firing somewhere during the middle of the show, and that would have been awful for everyone.

I commend and fully agree with Mayor Berg's decision to save the Town of Lyman any expense. Further, I have returned to the Town of Lyman their down payment. It's the right thing to do.

The bottom line is that due to a silly battery and despite hundreds of hours of work and preparation, in the end we didn't deliver one bit of what we were asked to do and accordingly we're not going to take one red cent for it. After all, that is the American way, and this was our day to remember that.

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