Primary Election narrows state and local fields

BRIDGER VALLEY — The Primary Election narrowed the field of candidates from the governor’s office, state offices and county offices headed to the general election in November.

Tuesday’s primary follows months of anticipation and millions of dollars capping off one of the most expensive campaigns ever for the seat of governor and some of the other hottest races affecting the state.

Polls released in the last few days prior to the Primary, depending on who took the poll, resulted in different candidates on the Republican ticket taking the lead. Those who were polled, reported repeated phone calls asking for those answering the phone to respond to a quick 5-minute poll. A week ago, a poll from national polling firm The Trafalgar Group had Mark Gordon and Foster Friess in a dead heat, after Gordon had led in June. A couple of days later, a poll of “conservative voters” statewide had Harriet Hageman with a slight lead. No matter, the true outcome was played in the voting booths on Tuesday giving the statewide nod to Mark Gordon, Wyoming’s current state treasurer. Gordon received 32.9 percent of the votes compared to Friess earning 26 percent. Hageman was a close third with 21.3 percent.

However, the vote in Uinta County didn’t follow the statewide norm as Friess earned the most votes, followed by Hageman and then Gordon.

Senator John Barrasso, which is a race that has held a lot of statewide interest.

Barrasso initially was appointed to fill the seat when it was vacated when a former senator resigned due to health reasons. Barrasso is seeking his second full term as one of the state’s senator. A concerted effort has been made statewide to wrest the seat from Barrasso by Republican challenger David Dodson. Dodson had said Barrasso was out of touch with Wyoming and its issues. Barrasso countered by rolling out a website called, tying Dodson to campaign donations to both Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders and registering as a Republican – from being ‘unaffiliated’ — before moving to Jackson: one of the wealthiest locales in the country.

Barrasso won his spot for the general election by earning 65.1 percent of the votes on the GOP ticket as he amassed 67,991 votes in Tuesday’s election. His closest opponent of four, Dave Dodson, won 31,538 votes or 28.3 percent.

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