Report on the annual summer work program for students with disabilities in MV district

MOUNTAIN VIEW — We can all remember those first summer jobs during high school, or even middle school!

The opportunity to learn a new skill, earn extra money and build a strong work ethic. This past summer, a work program was offered to students with disabilities within UCSD #4.

Students ranging from incoming freshmen to seniors participated. The purpose of the program was to provide meaningful work experiences while building job-related skills. Students learned how to complete a job application, participate in an interview and fill out other job-related documents, like tax withholding certificates and timecards). They worked on various projects including landscaping, cleaning around buildings and helping move sprinklers during installation of the new track.

Jennifer Larsen and Matt Clark were the UCSD #4 staff members overseeing the program. When talking about the program, Clark reported he was impressed with how hard students worked and saw students rise to different challenges.