Rivers running higher

This is a picture on the Blacks Fork on County Road 261 south of Fort Bridger before connecting to the Robertson highway. The last two weeks the report on Meeks Cabin water had increased dramatically, with a report of 94 percent about a week ago, up from 75 CFS a few days before. According to the BV Conservancy Board report Monday, May 23, Meeks Cabin had quit spilling with an inflow of about 490 cubic feet per second, which was down about160 feet from the day before. About 600 CFS was still being released from the reservoir. The report also said Stateline is about 77 percent irrigation storage. The inflow Monday at Stateline was still at 140 CFS, which was down about 24 CFS from the day before. Approximately 90 CFS was being released through the outer-works. Although the Uintas are beginning to show steaks, it looks like more snow was dropped on the mountains in Sunday night’s storm. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis


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