Shooting threat in Lyman Tuesday

Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper R.D. Roberts on site at the shooting scare in Lyman Tuesday at the high school’s lock-out. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

LYMAN — Tuesday morning proved to be a shake-up for Lyman and the Valley as a report of a shooting threat was circulated through the area.

Cops were called and the Lyman High School had a ‘lock-out’ to prohibit any entry or exit from the school. Lyman Police Chief Kathy Adams, on site Tuesday morning around 9:30 a.m., stressed the shooting threat was not aimed at the school, but it was in the community. She also said the school and law officials instituted the lock-out as, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

She also said, the threat “was from the community” or in the area around the school. In addition, Adams confirmed both the one making the threat and the one being threatened were local residents.

In a press release Wednesday afternoon, Adams said,

Officers from the Lyman Police Department, the Mountain View Police Department, the Wyoming Highway Patrol and the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Lyman High School. Principals of the Bridger Valley schools made the decision to go into a “soft lockdown.”

Adams said in the release for the April 9 incident, “Due to a collaborated effort of all departments, the suspect was located and taken into custody without incident. Schools were informed and resumed normal activity.”

See a full account in the April 12 issue of the Bridger Valley Pioneer.


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