Spilling and reached the peak?

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Both Stateline and Meeks Cabin are spilling, but as of Tuesday, there have been no immediate warnings of flooding in the Bridger Valley area.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOOA) updated map on Tuesday, a flood watch was shown south of the Wyoming/Utah border along Uinta County. In addition, there was a small section going north in the Utah area along the western border of Uinta County. This is the same information provided by Channel 4 weather out of Salt Lake City.

This map also shows a flood advisory in Pinedale/Big Piney area and south of Afton across border into Idaho. Again, there is an advisory in the Lander/Riverton area and over to Dubois. The map also depicted a flood watch north of Dubois to Cody and a small area along the Snake River north of Jackson.

According to the radio Wednesday morning, Homeland Security has been heavily involved in the preparation for flooding in Fremont County around Riverton, Lander and the smaller communities. This is on the heels of the massive snowfall the area received last winter.

Locally, the report by the Bridger Valley Conservancy District (BVCD) on Tuesday noted both the reservoirs, which feed water to Bridger Valley were spilling.

I think this is the peak time,” Ken Fackrell, BVCD director said early Wednesday afternoon after being asked if the water flow was stabilizing. “You know, it has been fairly warm, it’s cloudy today and we are supposed to have a pretty good cooling spell.”

The warm up and cool down has helped with control the river flow from the dams, Fackrell said. Meeks Cabin spilled on May 15, and Stateline spilled a couple of weeks ago.


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