Summit County’s resource plan ignored Uinta County

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LYMAN — The Uinta County Coalition and the Uinta County Commission have sent letters to Summit County Utah on Summit County’s Resource Management Plan specifically pointing out the plan ignores the impact of the North Slope of the Uintas on Uinta County.

Summit County wraps around the western and southern border of Uinta County in Wyoming and goes farther east under portions of Sweetwater County.

According to Carl Larson last week on Wednesday following the Uinta County Coalition’s meeting in Lyman, Summit County as other counties in Utah were required by the state to devise a resource management plan. Summit County’s draft plan, Larson said, specified 28 resources, which needed to be addressed, following a survey. Of these, five were given top priority. Larson criticized the survey saying one of the questions specified which town or city in Summit County did the responder live.

This was pointed out in the UCC letter when it stated, “We are not aware of any Wyoming property owners who were interviewed. Please provide us a list of those Wyoming property owners who were interviewed and provided input for the (Summit’s) RMP.”

Larson said last week the survey completely ignored the fact the North Slope is vital to Uinta County Wyoming, providing water, grazing, recreation, logging and more. The response to the Summit County draft plan had to be submitted by April 14, a deadline which was met by both entities.

Summit County’s resource plan will serve as a planning document for Summit County in establishing goals, objectives and the strategy for managing natural resources in Summit County.

“The plan does not address benefits used by Wyoming,” Larson said last week. “It does not recognize Uinta County Wyoming – economically, agricultural and more. It does not address the ‘economic viability, social stability and the quality of life for the citizens of Uinta County’ as recognized in the Uinta County Resource Plan.”

Pictured are members of the Uinta County Coalition (l to r): Joe V. Hickey, Carl Larson, Allen Jaggi, Karen Henry, Ken Fackrell and Farrell Alleman. COURTESY PHOTO

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