Tanner would make a good county commissioner

Dear Editor,

A responsibility of an educated and enlightened voting public is to ensure that the best possible candidates for all offices become elected. To that end, I wish to discuss my reasons for casting my ballot for Dave Tanner for Uinta County Commission Chair. Throughout the 20 plus years that I have known Dave, I have witnessed Dave’s commitment to the community, his leadership ability, and his vision for a strong and vibrant Uinta County.

I don’t mind sharing that Dave and I are not in the same political party. Every community deserves leaders who prioritize people, not party agendas — people who will work to do the most good for the most people with limited resources. Dave Tanner for County Commissioner provides the following commitments 1) he wants more public input for decisions 2) wants open discussion at meetings 3) supports fully funded libraries 4) believes the Government should be honest and accountable for their actions 5) supports protection, preservation and public access to public lands.

Dave’s enthusiasm for this beautiful place we call home is apparent to all who know him. As commissioner, he will work hard to make this county a better place to raise/educate children and drive for responsiveness and fiscal integrity. Without question, Dave’s experiences, work ethic and dedication will aid all us regardless of political party.


Jon R. Conrad