Teton Science School was an awesome experience’ for LIS students

LYMAN — I recently got the chance to go to Teton Science School with the Lyman Intermediate School fifth grade, which proved to be a great opportunity for kids to learn more about nature, and to see new things.

 At Teton Science School, I experienced many new activities I had never done, like cross country skiing and snowshoeing. I think Teton Science School was a new experience for everyone in the fifth grade. We all got to try new things, and see different stuff than our normal everyday lives.

When we first got to Teton Science School it was amazing. The air was cool and we were in the mountains. After we got off the bus, we unloaded our bags and set them on the sidewalk. Next, we went into the dining hall and watched a slideshow about how Teton Science School became a thing. After that, we went to the outfitting place where we got water bottles, backpacks and sit pads to use for the rest of the trip. We got to keep the water bottles, but the backpack and sit pad we had to give back.

 Then, we went outside and did some fun activities. Later, we got together into our groups and met our group leaders. We then went into the lobby and played a game that was like Pictionary.

 Next, we got our bags, and went to our rooms with our roommates. When we got to our rooms we made our beds and put our bags up. Then, we stayed in our rooms or the lobby for about an hour playing games or doing another fun activity.

 Afterward we went to dinner. After dinner one group (my group) got to stay in the dining hall and help clean while all the other groups went to their rooms for almost an hour. Next, we went to a night activity. After the night activity we all went to our rooms or the lobby until it was time to go to bed. The first day of Teton Science School was a blast, but the second and third day were even more fun.

 I learned so much at Teton Science School, but not only did we learn a lot, the learning was fun. I learned about so many things, like how the white powder on aspen trees is a SPF four sunscreen. I learned about animal tracks, animals, tree, and so much more at Teton Science School.