They’re taking you away—hey, hey


The mosquitoes are vicious this year and Valley residents have been on the wrong side of the stinger. Don’t know how the area you live in is affected, but in the area I live in south of Fort Bridger you are taking your life in hand when you venture outdoors. Thank goodness for mosquito repellant, as the spraying just hasn’t worked in the area between the Blacks Fork and the Twin Butte Canal and beyond. (As much as I’m using, better buy some stock in that company.)

Some years the mosquito abatement has worked wonders. This year, I am not even sure the area has been sprayed. I know we (my family) joked a few years ago when we saw the plane fly up the road to the cemetery about “does that really look like the river or the houses close to the water?” All I know is we haven’t seen the plane fly over the house or in the fields east of the house to County Road 214 and further east.

I would think, if the area doesn’t get sprayed, we shouldn’t have to pay the taxes for the mosquito abatement. Of course, I’m sure the county wouldn’t agree with me.

Barbecues? You have to be kidding. It doesn’t become a meal for you; you become a meal for them. You can’t stay outside long enough to eat. And, as for doing yard work, that becomes a major chore. One, two steps forward—three, four, five, six, seven swats. Just hit me now, it could probably be put to music and called the mosquito stomp or something.

I have some nieces and a nephew working their steers daily trying to get them ready for the Uinta County fair. Fhey go to the barn, armed and ready to take the mosquitoes on because they know they are going to do a lot of swatting, leading the steers, more swatting, some combing, more swatting, some blowing air on the steers, more swatting, trimming, more swatting, etc. They go dressed in sweats, long sleeves and hoodies with their heads covered with just a small portion of their faces exposed. Good thing they have a lot of mosquito repellant also.

Thank goodness, the county is getting ready to spray, starting Tuesday according to the press release.